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The vision of Phronimos is inspired from the work of drs. Frédéric Antonious, the approach which he has labeled Transcendental Humanism. Humanism refers to the fact that our experience of life is entirely determined by the parameters of being human, which is a niche within a whole. Consequently we can make no claims on truth or validity of our opinions in any absolute sense, which adds to the experience of life a degree of humility, awe and wonder. At the same time life is transcendental which means that it has many dimensions, some of which we are conscious of, some of which we can become conscious of under specific conditions and some of which we can never become conscious of. This whole of dimensions is both infinite and intimate.

The ultimate of life is a unknowable oneness. It cannot be known because the act of knowing itself implies cutting it down to the human parameters. drs. Frédéric Antonious has indicated this unknowable one by the sound ‘Abbah’. Abbah is an undefined sound, it is not a name, however it can be used in the understanding that it refers to precisely that unknowable one, which is the core of our being and within which everything that emerges as experience takes place. As long as the undefinability, unknowability and its non-other worldliness is preserved the sound Abbah could be replaced, if one would wish to do so, by the name indicating one’s preferred divinity. In this the approach of drs. Frédéric Antonious is truly universal.

The oneness of all is the premise of Transcendental Humanism, the oneness of all implies an interconnectedness of all, and according to the lines of Quantum thinking we can establish that as one, everything influences, however subtly, everything else. drs. Frédéric Antonious calls this the ‘resonance’ of our activities, our thoughts, our emotions, our desires, wishes, ideas, beliefs and opinions. The realisation of this resonance automatically leads to the recognition of an Ethics of Resonance. It will be clear that if everything reflects on everything else, including on ourselves, we have to act, think, desire and believe in such a way that optimal resonance is generated for the ideal that we envisage. In this manner we become aware of the fact that we are active agents in shaping the experience of living.