Human Heritage

Our evolutionary present continuously transforms itself into our past. History is always a creation of the past. To this ‘today’ we can never return. We will always have to find new applications for its heritage. This constant interchanging creation is the stuff of evolution. From a materialistic perspective our evolution is guided by increased knowledge. More important however is the social evolution that is supported by the ever-changing underlying Idea. This ‘Idéa’ (Gr: ἰδέα) determines the meaning that we give to life and from it we derive the nature of our relationship to the world.

Underlying Idea

Idealist thinkers from East and West have always been exploring this underlying Idea, both in a religious and in a secular sense. Their main aim has always been to improve the state of the human being. By envisaging this ideal they mean to create a just society in which everybody can autonomously develop the inherent potential of what it means to be human.

The Loss of Ideals

At the beginning of the 21st century we see a regrettable collapse of the idealist purpose. The dominant current of the economic-political structure of the world is no longer directed at the creation of a just society. The benefit of all has been replaced by a greed-filled frenzy aimed at obtaining the maximum gain for a few at the expense of all. The senseless exploitation of human and natural resources in the past has created a crisis and is now acknowledged to have severe consequences for the living conditions on this planet.

Individual and Social Illness

Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious sees the increasing estrangement from our transcendental nature as one of the fundamental causes of the present predicament. On the individual level such an estrangement leads to increased anxiety, stress, disease and unease. On a social level it is demonstrated in unbridled exploitation of basic human drives, such as greed and lust for power, both in open aggression as well as in highly sophisticated and subtle management.

How to Be Well?

Our transcendental state of being is rooted in a oneness in which we all share. Acknowledgement of the Oneness of Being is affirming our natural state and will therefore lead to greater individual and societal Well-Being. It will not only generate tolerance but also an embracing of differences. It will invite a respect for others and their endeavour. This is essential for the globalising current of the world in which cooperation has to replace domination as the main orientation.

Natural Transcendence

We are primarily spiritual beings with a material expression in life. This echoes the various religious and spiritual traditions of the world. These traditions have, in a great variety of expressions, always been directed at preserving the connection with our transcendental nature. This connection is however not necessarily religious or spiritual. Our transcendental nature is a psychological quality in which we all share. When we lose this transcendental orientation we are set adrift both individually and socially.

Living beyond Ordinary Consciousness

The remembrance of our transcendental nature is a subtle interplay. Ordinary consciousness can only approach it indirectly. The rediscovery of the value of meditation in ordinary everyday life affirms this. Beside meditation there are also other tools that are appropriate for attuning to our natural state of being.

Phronimos Group

The Phrominos Group is a non-profit platform that initiates, supports and participates in projects that are aimed at improving the quality of human and environmental life. It sees artistic expression as one of the tools for greater awareness and the creation of joy and beauty as a fundamental ingredient for enriching life. It searches for the preservation of, and new applications for the human cultural heritage and develops initiatives that lead to better understanding of each other in greater compassion through acceptance and love.