We are part of an ongoing human evolution. The Golden Age is behind us and has become our heritage. Erasmus’ humanism too has been transformed to form part of our heritage. Time never reverts but we build ever on that which has gone before.

Preserving the humanistic heritage of tolerance and freedom

It is self-evident that from time to time situations present themselves in which these ideals come to be under pressure. At the beginning of the twenty-first century we find ourselves in such a situation of crisis. We can in this never fall back on the past but, having a clear-set ideal, will have to find such a way of adjusting our course that the humanistic heritage of tolerance and freedom may be preserved.

The works of drs. Frédéric Antonious (Abbahji)

The purpose of the Phronimos Group is to maintain these humanistic ideals of tolerance and freedom and in this it aims at finding forms that correspond with the possibilities which are offered to us by the present time. Central to this is the work of Drs Frédéric Antonious, writer and mystic, who, with astounding clarity, shows us in his work ways to uphold the humanistic ideals and activate them for personal and social Well-Being.

Transcendental Humanism

With his work drs. Frédéric Antonious presents Transcendental Humanism. Central to this is the transcendental nature of all perception. Since we are human beings and not animals, perception is always determined by our human being, yet this does not make this way of perception more important than other ways of perception.

Humility and Respect

The humanistic orientation gives us the necessary humility to find our human way in full appreciation of the world and with the fullest respect for other forms of life.

The Mission

The Phronimos Group is actively supporting projects through which man can become aware of his inherent spiritual dimensions through communal experiments, artistic expression, cultural heritage and in academic exploration.

Since artistic endeavour both as a cultural heritage and as a present-day production are keys for understanding our Natural State as residing in Now, attention to the Cultural Heritage of all cultures and expression in the art of all cultures is an important field of attention at the Phronimos Group.