The activities of Foundation Phronimos are inspired by the work of drs Frédéric Antonious, a writer and a mystic. He obtained a degree in the sociology of non-western cultures from the University of Leyden. Very early in his life there were signs that he was destined for what is generally called spirituality. Though he worked as a sociologist in various countries of the Middle East, among others for the United Nations, he eventually withdrew from ordinary life in order to devote himself entirely to a life of meditation and reflection.

In the Middle East he had actively participated in the local cultures and had eventually found his spiritual master who shaped his active spiritual propensity along the lines of classical Sufism.

drs. Frédéric Antonious realised that for most people the classical spiritual traditions are not the answer to their search for well-being in the demanding post-modern world. In his realisation spirituality should be regarded as a normal dimension of every instant of living, it is not something you either involve yourself with or not. It is always there, hidden within each moment and when it is realised it enriches the experience of life and grants life a dimension that ameliorates its quality. In other words the spiritual endeavour concerns connecting to the spiritual roots that are inherent in the ordinary psychological characteristics of every human being.

He has called this realisation Transcendental Humanism. ‘Humanism’ refers to the fact that our experience of life is entirely determined by the parameters of being human, which is a niche within a whole. Consequently we can make no claims on truth or validity of our opinions in any absolute sense, which adds to the experience of life a degree of humility, awe and wonder. At the same time life is ‘transcendental’ which means that it has many dimensions, some of which we are conscious of, some of which we can become conscious of under specific conditions and some of which we can never become conscious of. This whole of dimensions is both infinite and intimate.