Shamanic Voyages to the Island Sardinia

The shamanic voyages in Sardinia are Well-Being journeys aimed to discover the own inner world in the magical dimension of the island. Participating to such a voyage will produce a tangible beneficial impulse on your life.

Through diving in deep contact with the astonishing beauty of the local nature in silent contemplation, meditation, or recreation; or in villages between people through participation in ancestral local feasts-rituals, performed since far ancient times, passed down from generation to generations and meant for harmony and Well- Being in the community.

The theme of the voyage are the ancestral dance and fire rituals of death and rebirth, in which people, attuned to the transcendentality of nature and the joy of life, during the darkness and sterility of the winter invoke the spring, the imminent season of light and fertility.

The deep meaning of these events goes farther than a cyclical seasonal transition.
They are originally meant as an impulse for the Well-Being of the community and for inner transformation.
These impressive and original events coincide with the feast in honor of St. Antony of Fire, an ancient mystic of Egypt.
In villages, sharing in joy with gentle local people, or in the peace and quiet of the wonderful enchanting nature of the island, or in meditation, in openness, we dive into this enchanted place were reality becomes dream and dream reality.

  • Participation in local shamanic feast-rituals
  • Daily sitting and walking meditations from the mystical tradition of Abbahjí
  • Excursions to power places in nature or archaeological sites such as healing temples, fairy houses, giants-tombs and more
  • Amazing experiences and singular encounters.

Leading: Shaman ANNA Montis
These voyages are guided by shaman Anna Montis, native of Sardinia.
She inherited from her ancestors shamanic gifts that developed in a spiritual context after the meeting with contemporary mystic Abbahjí.
She as been practising shamanism since 1995 through healings, lessons, workshops, meditations, transition-rituals (‘Rites de passage’ such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc.), purification of houses or objects from negative energies in order to restore harmony and Well- Being.