Man Is a Transcendental Being

The focus and field of activities of the Phronimos Group revolve around the principle that man is a transcendental being with a material expression, whose natural state is sharing in the Oneness of Being. It starts with the premise that the integration of transcendental awareness in daily life is a psychological, social and cultural necessity for the human being. This is recognised as the core element for realising both individual and societal Well-Being. It is the primary building block for realising the natural state of the Complete Human Being.

A Platform of Compassion: Sacred in the Profane

Phronimos is a platform supporting all activities and expressions that are consistent with this orientation. This orientation is neutral and embracing when it comes to specific religions and spiritual traditions. It is neutral in taking a phenomenological stance towards the spiritual experience and focus.

A Complete Human Being, who has realised the full integration of transcendental awareness in daily life, for whom the sacred is integrated in the profane, will naturally be a compassionate, contented, multi-dimensional, creative and ethical being. Consequently the area of activities of the Phronimos Group is along the line of increasing Compassion, Artistic and Intellectual expression, Ethics and support of instruments inducing transcendental Openness.

In its orientation to Cultural Heritage it seeks to rediscover and bring to light the heritage of mankind, where man as a transcendental being is a focal point. This can be found in many areas and dimensions of history and culture.

Phronimos seeks to establish Places of beauty and harmony, where people can come together and share in the common heritage of mankind, which is that man is a spiritual being, whose natural state is sharing in the Oneness of Being.

Global Cohesion

In the current development of the world, we see movements towards an integration of ‘East and West’ – call it Eurasia integration or globalisation. While this has an economic incentive, it is also paradigmatic and will inevitably go together with social, cultural and philosophical dimensions. In our view, the Life-Philosophy of Yoginâm Frédéric has the potential of being a catalyst for this East-West dialogue, for the cohesion of a global world, because it incorporates the different dimensions of experience and perception that characterise Oriental and Western modes of perceiving. It can be a translator of the diversity of worlds, both psychologically, religiously and culturally.

Art of Living

Acknowledging our transcendental nature and managing the experience of life towards Well-Being can be considered as an Art of Living. An art that has the potential to solve all difficulties at all levels of human existence and to provide for a profound meaning and value to life. A creative art fundamental for the development of harmonious cultures that in their diversity can constitute a peaceful and meaningful global society.