In the Phronimos phenomenologically inspired perspective, as a complete human being man is a holistic multi-dimensional being. He is a totality of experience where a variety of layers, or dimensions of experience, come together and are integrated.

The vision of SIWEB, also known as the Web of Dimensions, highlights these dimensions of experience highlights as four distinct layers. These are Body experience, Soul experience, Mind experience and Spirit experience. Each of these layers speak a different ‘language’, play different ‘roles’ and are of different ‘vibrations’. Integrating these layers consciously and recognising them in the ongoing process of daily life, is important for realising the natural state of the Complete Human Being.

The human experience further is colored by Awareness. It is an Attunement to the Ultimate that we cannot say anything about it and yet is the closest and most intimate of our being.

The Phronimos Group presents several projects in which these principles are represented in various ways.