Phronimos Research Program

The Phronimos Research Program includes the following Pillars:

Study of the work of Abbahjí / Frédéric Antonious in Continuous Evolving

Abbahjí is engaged in continuous writing and refining his expression. The researchers are tasked to study this work realtime, analyse its developments and the way it shapes the overall paradigm.

The Applications of the Way of Abbahjí in Practise

Applications in individual, social, and cultural practises. Including from psychological and phenomenological angles. A School of Practical Wisdom.

The History of Western Thought and Cross-cultural Comparison of thought

To raise awareness of the universality of ideas; the spiritual heritage of mankind; and to analyse how different modes of thinking shape people and shape a society.

Global Patters of Geopolitics

To understand the current global processes in the interrelation between civilisations, states, economic, societal and cultural configurations. To understand the directions in which the world is heading and how the ethics of resonance can bring light to potential solutions.

Delft City Philosopher

A project in a Dutch city, exploring ways in which compassionate philosophical-spiritual thinking can engage social issues in a local community.