About drs. Leon Alexander

Drs. Leon Alexander is an anthropological researcher for the Phronimos Foundation. He has studied the life and work of contemporary mystic and writer Abbahjí for over two decades, in its social, cultural and psychological applications.

He received his master in Cultural Anthropology from Leyden University, with a thesis on the way of Abbahjí and its relevance for contemporary West-European society (The Beautiful Mystic; an anthropological study of a mystic path in contexts of Western culture).

His academic interest includes mysticism, ethics, religion, the history of ideas and phenomenological studies, with a regional emphasis on Europe and its Asian dialogue. Additionally he takes an interest in ancient traditions as Zoroastrianism and Confucianism as expressions of Asian thought and he is a follower of global patterns of geopolitics.

Starting from the premise that the European social structure has come to lack a manifest spiritual dimension, his aim is to investigate in which ways spirituality may find its way back into the social fabric of everyday life. He sees this as also relevant for processes as globalisation and Eurasia integration. The work of Abbahjí is important in this respect, as his mission is to reshape an ancient spiritual way in order to be applicable for people living in contemporary Western culture and the Globalising world, in which context he sees spirituality as an inherent psychological attribute.

Leon Alexander met Abbahjí in the beginning of his studies and became involved with his Way. He lived as a monk in a community founded by Abbahjí for ten years. He continues studying the development of Abbahjí’s work in proximity, he lectures and writes series of papers. He has had the possibility of conducting regular interviews with Abbahjí and has access to the complete archives of his writings.