It has been sufficiently proven that reserving some time a day for meditation has both psychological and health benefits. However what is meditation? The word is used for many different activities. Generally people assume that it has something to do with relaxation, and with trying to stop thinking. This however is very difficult, if not impossible, because to the mind thinking is as natural as the heartbeat is to the body.

Try to Be What We Are

Meditation is rather entering the state of non-interfering. In order to reach this state we should stop identifying ourselves with our thinking, and truly try to be what we are, beyond the ideas of what we think that we are. This can be difficult, and certainly in the initial stages, far from being tranquil, meditation can actually be a struggle. The importance of meditation lies not so much in reaching the ultimate state as in travelling the way towards that state.

Discover How to Deal with Obstructions

On that way we meet the obstructions and the disturbing programmes. But because it is meditation and not a rational psychoanalysis, in the process we also discover how to deal with them and how to work towards dissolving them.

Individual Way

Meditation is an entirely individual and autonomous process. It implies reaching out to the source of our very being. This is very personal and for everybody it will be different. The sharing in Abbah is one, but everybody does so in his or her own individual way. That is the beauty of life.

Meditation Methods

Modern life is very demanding. We are bombarded with impulses and when we sit down to meditate it usually takes some time to wind down. For this purpose there are the meditation methods that help you with the attunement to the Natural State within.


HarpMood is a very specific form of communication. Because words always need the filter of the conscious mind, they are often not the most effective instrument for communicating deeper spiritual awareness.

Therefore Yoginâm Frédéric has developed HarpMood, whereby he enters a particular deep state of awareness, and expresses that state in sound, for which purpose he usually uses a small harp. People who open themselves for these sounds receive with them, often entirely unconsciously, a beneficial communication that bypasses the filter of the mind.

In this way the HarpMood is like receiving a blessing, a healing or baraka.