Since ancient times, in various cultures and traditions around the globe, human beings have used music and the human voice as powerful instruments for the purpose of Well-Being.

During these interactive concerts The Peace Singer, accompanied by a group of musicians, shares songs and chants that are directed at opening up to our Transcendental Nature.

At certain passages all who are present are invited to participate in the communal chanting (singing of particular word phrases and movements in melody) through which we are able to experience a psychological communal transcendence. The wave that is produced by all the voices together lifts the experience beyond the daily, limited ‘I-orientation’, directing us to what is generally referred to as ‘The Natural State’.

Participating in these events creates an inner resonance that invokes a harmonising effect on how we experience daily life. Often this experience is described as tranquillity, inner peace, joy, harmony and contentment. Since everthing is connected in an unknowable Totality, in which everything resonates with everything else, this effect will spread outwards to the world around us. Participating in these Music Gatherings is therefore a compassionate act of contributing to the harmonisation and general Well-Being of the whole world, which reflects back on us.

The chants that are used during the Gathering have no connection to a particular culture or religion. They could be considered as universal, merely to activate that which is similar in all us human beings: Our Transcendental Nature. The Music Gaterhings with The Peace Singer are therefore open to people from all cultures and backgrounds.

For participation it is not necessary to have experience with meditation, music or singing. All it takes is an inner attitude of opening up for the transformative currents.

The Peace Singer Alexander van Breemen has his roots in modern popmusic as well as in Eastern devotional music. After a profound change in his life as a succesful popmusician, like in the same way happened to for example Cat Stevens and George Harrison, he discovered a deeper meaning to Life and the transformational qualities of music and sound. For the purpose of conducting communal chant sessions with large groups of people, in a similar way like for example Krishna Das, he received extensive guidance and inspiration from modern mystic Abbahjí.

Often accompanied by a string instrument, the typical Peace Singer style is to guide the group from a slow and meditative pace to full speed celebration. Most of the songs that are performed in between the chants are inspired by books and texts from Abbahjí. These inspired and festive performances are often said to establish a deep connection with all those present.