The Mission of Foundation Phronimos

There is a call for meaning in the present day society, and people are eager to find answers to combat the encroaching feeling of emptiness of life. Transcendental Humanism provides both an easy and a potent answer. It is a way of orientation that is rooted in the awareness that every instant of living is a reflection of the overall interconnected oneness, while we in our activities but most of all in our thoughts, desires, beliefs and opinions shape in a subtle and indirect way the experience of our life.

Particularly because of the overall resonance in the interconnectedness of all, each individual endeavour will reflect on the larger whole. Improving society has to start with improving yourself. Life can be an expression of joy and beauty, though it is often difficult to discover it, as long as the true nature of living has not been realised. Therefore Foundation Phronimos is actively supporting projects through which man can become aware of his inherent spiritual dimensions through communal experiments, artistic expression, cultural heritage and in academic exploration. The open nature of its approach and its non-confessional and secular nature invites cooperation from a wide variety of walks of life.

Foundation Phronimos actively supports the approach of drs. Frédéric Antonious that life is an invitation open for exploration. Beyond the self imposed framework of likes and dislikes lies an exiting and fascinating realm of investigation that can lead to the realisation of great beauty and well-being for both the individual as well as for the human community as a whole.

The search for beauty in environment and artistic expression in general demonstrate a way in which the wider frequency of our being finds its expression in cultural achievements. Such achievement corresponds to the time of the physical, mental and emotional evolution.

By observing our cultural heritage we are observing ourselves at an earlier stage of our evolution. By involving ourselves in artistic endeavour we search for a representation of ourselves at this state of our evolution.

The evolution itself is movement of the permanence of the unchanging Now. In this way artistic endeavour both as a cultural heritage and as a present-day production are keys for understanding our Natural State as residing in Now.

Therefore attention to the Cultural Heritage of all cultures and expression in the art of all cultures is a field of attention that is directly connected to the exploration of our transcendental nature as it is envisaged by Foundation Phronimos.