In the largest part of the world, most traditions and cultures already discovered thousands of years ago, that the possibility for men and women to share in separate activities, ceremonies and rituals, is an essential element for the Well-Being of the individual as well as for society as a whole.

Men and women are naturally equal from a social point of view. At the same time, thousands of years of experience with life has shown that both genders exist in different energetic constitutions that seem to thrive when sharing in a group of the same gender. In our Western society, the possibilities for men to share in a ‘man-environment’ in a similar way, with the aim of harmonisation and inner peace, seem to have nearly disappeared. According to much European and American research in the last decade, this appears to have created disastrous consequences for the Well-Being of men and women, the balance within relationships and society, but above all, for young children, who seem to have lost essential role models.

At this point it is not difficult to see that we are living in world that is in great turmoil. It has been made clear by the many social gender issues that still exist today, that emancipation and fighting for gender rights are obstructing possibilities for a renewed balance between male and female.

For this purpose The Phronimos Group facilitates ritual gatherings for men that have a profound psychological and energetic effect and in which we are able to share in a wider field that exceeds our daily perception. By means of various instruments like the use of vocal sounds, chants, particular rhythms, body movements and silence, these rituals create a strong, beneficial current that colours the experience of our daily lives. Although the instruments are similar to those used in many ancient traditions, these rituals do not have a connection to a specific culture or religion and should rather be considered as Universal. They are therefore open to men from all backgrounds and traditions. Participants who regularly share in these rituals, often describe the effects they have on their daily lives as: inner peace, joy, contentment, focus, clarity, harmony in relationships and family.

Ancient wisdom from the East has always told us that in living we share in an unknowable ‘Oneness’ or ‘Totality’ in which everything is interconnected. Modern science confirms this by saying that we could consider everything in living as resonance, sharing in a unified field of One. Therefore, the change we initiate in ourselves is automatically radiated to the world around us. It is for this reason that many women also share their reactions about these rituals and the beneficial effects they have on them indirectly.

The Men’s Rituals are conducted by Alexander van Breemen who has worked in this field of sound and resonance for years, for which he received specific guidance and inspiration from Abbahjí.

The duration of a ritual is approximately 90 minutes. Rattles and meditation cushions are available for use (limited). Experience with meditation or the use of voice is not necessary

To reserve a seat please send an email to [email protected].

Mannen Ritueel XL in Utrecht

Datum: zaterdag 28 januari
Locatie: ITCCA (M.P. Lindostraat 4, Utrecht)
Tijd: 19:30 – 21:30 (deur open 19:15)
Bijdrage (aan de deur): € 12,-
Reserveren via [email protected]
* Er zijn 40 beschikbare plaatsen.
* Meditatiekussens zijn aanwezig maar beperkt.
* In verband met bamboevloer kun je iets mee nemen om op te zitten (deken, matje).