When you speak & there is no doubt about the authority of your understanding; when you speak from personal experience & not only from knowledge, and when you speak from the heart because you care, then by the very nature of your being, people will listen because they experience the benefit.

Yoginâm Abbahjí, author of books like The Three Songs and Ishmael, is above all a modern day mystic with a revolutionary view on how we as individuals can live in full realisation.

His view is simple, yet because it encompasses every part of how we perceive and act in our day-to-day life, it is not only about understanding what he says, its about experiencing it on every level of being.

For the first time he is willing to give seminars in which he methodologically presents how each of us can realise our full potential as human beings and become more than the ‘self’ that we believe ourselves to be.

The HUMAN MYSTERY seminars with Yoginâm Abbahji are a glimpse into the depths of your own consciousness. A study of what lies beyond ‘self’ and the presentation of tools to see through the fabric of consciousness directly into the energy-fields
that we are.

Yoginâm Abbahjí can be invited to give seminars worldwide.

Foundation Phronimos organises seminars in Belgium & Spain