Development of Zero-Carbon Research Centre and Demonstration of Architectural Research in Self-Sustainable Community Buildings.

In the Paris Agreement on climate change of the United Nations in articles 66 through 68, the collaborating countries agree to invest in technological research, demonstration and development.

Phronimos Group has gathered the expertise and has motivated a large group of eco-friendly europeans and non-europeans to help build and support an eco friendly zero-carbon self-sustainable centre in Sardinia celebrating natural lifestyle and human advancement in balanced co-existence with nature.

A Group of highly specialised nano-scientist, architects and engineers have been approached and are motivated to participate in this ambitious programme initiated by Phronimos group to support the goals of the Paris Agreement and help secure the goals set to secure a stable climate.

The objective is to build a fully functioning pilot of advanced technological implementation of technologies that allow small communities of up to 200 people to live in full comfort off the grid, not producing any excess waist nor depending on food distribution as they harvest their own food, being overall vegetarian and vegan.

We investigate opportunities on Ibiza, Sardinia and Mallorca.