Ishmael – the Play

Ishmael is a beautiful novel written by modern mystic Frédéric Antonious. Drawn into a town that seems to exist on the edge of everything he’s ever known, Ishmael is confronted with a new perspective on life. A perspective that gives meaning to life, like a torch being lit and the illumination of a path that leads to what you have always known, but never knew that you knew.

Ishmael is a contemporary message for mankind. It is a story that the world needs because it gives hope and conveys the ancient promise of the peaceful white light of the mystics and sages of immortal times.

The story of Ishmael has the potential of becoming a classic that will inspire young and old for many years to come. It is therefore important to gather the most talented artists, actors and producers in order to deliver its culturally unifying message in a way that will make the play a great success.