Management of Resonance

Appropriate management of resonance is essential for reaching the liberated state of the Complete Human Being. Such management of resonance is also essential for a healthy human society. Individual interests and communal interests run parallel, because they express the same resonance. The psychological disease of many people in modern society is a symptom of the disease of society itself.

Relationship to the Unknown

We are one with the entire universe. The very fact that we are able to think is due to some stardust that fell on this planet and caused life to develop. However, beyond thinking people have always been aware of a greater Unknown. This relationship to the Unknown is represented in mythological language and images. The nature of these images reflects a particular culture. They change with the evolution. Our global digitalized world needs a different language and different images, while the reality they represent remains unchanged.

Shaping Our Destiny

As moving particles of the crust of the earth, we are the carriers of our own destiny. We shape this destiny by action and reflection, which happens by means of deeds, thoughts and desires. If these deeds, thoughts and desires are in conflict with the whole within which they occur, their reflection is negative. Such negative reflection initiates a chain reaction of more negativity. It is only relatively recently that in the Western culture awareness of this interconnectedness has been lost.

Search for What Unites Us

In our globalised world we have to search for what unites us and not for what separates us. For this we have to return to the basics. With phenomenological eyes we have to see the secular and religious ideologies for what they are and we have to discover what it truly means to be a human being. Modern thinking is gradually affirming the ancient wisdom that all life shares in a transcendental state of being. When this realisation is once again firmly rooted in our orientation, and we are ready to be consistent in what that implies, the cultures can regain their natural vitality and reverse the cycle of destruction.

The Way to Attune to the Essence of Being

The ancient sages of India foresaw the time of destruction at the end of the Kali Yuga. This is the time when great ideologies are obsolete and religions have lost their true nature. This is the age in which everything is for sale and one single currency has replaced all other values. For this age, as the ancient sages predicted, there is only one way to attune to the essence of being. This is by means of the repetition of the name.

Join the Workers of Resonance

This new age is the age of the Workers of Resonance. Join the Workers of Resonance. This is a universal call because it is urgent. The time of ideologies has passed. Philosophy demonstrates there is never a final answer from the reasoning of mind. Instead wé are the answer, by the being that we are. Once again we have to sanctify our lives by realising the transcendental nature of every instant.

The Breath

For such a task the Breath is the ultimate instrument. The Breath is ancient and it has been carried throughout the ages by various spiritual traditions. Up till now it has generally been exclusive and usually preserved for the initiated ones. Now however the time has come for its expansion.

Alchemy of the Breath

The alchemy of the Breath is beyond human understanding. It is only by using it that its relevance is discovered. This relevance is so specific that it will be expressed differently for everybody. The Workers of Resonance are joined together by their common pursuit but each one is involved as a fully independent and autonomous being.

There are three conditions for the Breath to work its mysterious alchemy:

  • The Breath must have been received in a particular manner, you cannot choose it by way of preference.
  • The Breath should not be shared with anybody in spoken or written communication, because sharing it reduces its mystery, and the exclusive vertical quality would be polluted by horizontal influence.
  • Once the Breath has been received its alchemy is only strengthened by its performance. It is advisable to practise the Breath throughout the day when attention is not required by other specific tasks. Though forgetting the Breath is natural after a while, returning to it as to a spiritual home is part of its mysterious alchemy.