In modern society we are continuously exposed to a variety of impulses, with often little time for processing them properly. This can easily lead to restlessness, an over-active mind, anxiety or stress. Particularly for people who lead demanding lives and who have only limited time available for meditation, Asha Meditation is extremely helpful.

Modern science has shown that monotonous rhythmic percussion influences the brain waves. During Asha Meditation, periods of monotonous percussion with a rattle, combined with specific vocal sounds, alternate with periods of silence. This is profoundly effective for reaching the state that conduces meditation. Regular Asha Meditation affects how daily life is experienced and helps in opening up to states that are often described as tranquillity, inner peace and contentment.

Asha Meditation can be done both individually and in a group. Some people find that attending regular group meditation helps them with their individual meditation. There are different locations where people can join for regular programmes of Asha Meditation.

Asha Meditation is performed on a daily basis in Asharum Amonines.