Human beings are Transcendental creatures, we exist in various levels or intensities of living, most of which are beyond our consciousness. The world we experience around us is an expression of these unconscious levels both in its appearance and in the way we perceive it.

In this way we are an expression of an evolution, the material intensity of which runs from the origin of the planet until our present day. In our day-to-day life experience we carry the entire evolution as it is encoded in our DNA.

Fulfilment and thereby Well-Being in living depends on how far we are able to incorporate the generally unconscious frequencies of our living in our everyday life experience. In other words to what extent we can reach out beyond the immediate concerns of the ‘I’ identification.

The search for beauty in environment and artistic expression in general demonstrate a way in which the wider frequency of our being finds its expression in cultural achievements. Such achievement corresponds to the time of the physical, mental and emotional evolution.