The Spiritual Master – by drs. Emir Sergo

Everybody is in transformation: That is life

Life is yours, but you are experiencing your life in many layers. You have emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual experiences. What you are is reflected in how you are in the experiences of others.

The reality of your life lies somewhere between your inner experience of the whole and how you are experienced as a person in the experiences of those you meet, those who have feelings for you, those who have blood ties and those who are akin. How they experience you is beyond yourself. How you experience yourself is partially for you to shape, partially to accept and most importantly completely given as is. Nobody can deny the reality of your experience.

A master of some craft or talent is a master only because many experience that person as a gift in the field of their skill and talent. For instance, a master violinist or a master painter. A spiritual master is a quality just as specific, just as unique and just as singular. A spiritual master is not a master violinist nor a master painter. A spiritual master is a master in demonstrating and expressing the nature and refined reality of the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is a dimension of experience; it is real as an experience only when you are in that dimension of perception. When you are oblivious to that dimension, consciously unaware, that does not make it less real, it only makes it not noticeable for you. Even if you would like it, without training, it would be impossible for you to pick up a violin and play a partita by Bach since you would not have a clue where to start or how to master the instrument. In the same way, if you have no skills in the perception of the spirit you cannot fathom what there is that you could possibly experience.

Like a master violinist, a spiritual master shares his talent for others to listen to and enjoy. The qualities as a person of a spiritual master are not more or less perfect than those of a master violinist or master painter. The mastership lies not in having to skip the difficulties and challenges of living – nobody is immune to pain, disease and ageing. Nobody is isolated and without empathy, fear is a normal human experience just as bliss.

A master is not a master because they are a perfect human being. They have a specific quality that gives value to the lives of many other human beings. Now, this way of explaining why a spiritual master is a precious person to meet and what such a meeting can mean for you, is very delicate because of the ambiguity in the novices’ understanding of spirituality.

If you are not a spiritual novice you will directly understand and will be able to recognise a spiritual master without introduction. When you are a novice however, you may not recognise this quality, because you do not have a consciousness of the communication in that dimension.

That dimension of perception is so fundamental so intimate an so directly the source of all your experiences, that it is almost normal not to be able to perceive it as real and as all-encompassing, because your perception is determined by a consciousness that is fully occupied with dimensions of the physical, emotional and cognitive aspects of living. This dissociates you from the world as a reflection and you quickly perceive yourself as a separate entity from the whole.

Only in the full realisation of yourself in the embrace of the spiritual dimension will you be able to experience that your fundamental self is part of the whole, that you are only individually separate and reflecting on that whole in some and not all levels of experience.

Now it is here in which the spiritual master is sharing his unique talent. He, by his mere presence and often just in silence, can communicate with you on a spiritual level that you can only be partly conscious of and in that spiritual communication he, as a master of the spiritual dimension, can guide and advice you in all matters spiritual with the sole purpose of helping you realise your full ability to experience your life to the fullest and most joyful and healthy as a whole person – feeling, knowing and being in a conscientious oneness with all.

One of the ways in which a spiritual master like Abbahjí, who is a Guardian of the Name, can communicate on this level, is through sharing a very specific breathing formulae that you can use in your day to day life whenever you please in order to attune to your spiritual dimension and to call upon his spiritual guidance. That’s how simple it is! Because it is so simple and because it is so delicate it is obvious that extreme gentleness, respect and compassion for being in the presence of a spiritual master is advisable.

What is a spiritual communication? I believe that what is spiritual is not of the realm of words so what is written here is not spiritual, thus I have no definition for it. I believe each individual can discover their spirituality if they feel the need or wish to do so. I don’t believe it is something that all beings necessarily have to do in life. Speculations about what others need to do in order to be fulfilled are beyond the scope of my interest. My interest is to explain clearly what the art of a spiritual master is and what exactly the spiritual communication with a spiritual master does to enrich your life experience.

To come to the essence of this essay; the spiritual master mirrors your inner reality for you and the spiritual master does this without effort in a state as natural and fluid as it is for the master violinist to play a partita of Bach. The mirroring of you by the spiritual master takes place on a level of awareness which you may not be fully or at all conscious of in the beginning. Only with time and through exercise will you develop the means to perceive what is happening in spiritual communication with a spiritual master, if you are curious enough or if you feel the need to take the necessary steps and prepare yourself to be fully confronted with the deceptive image you have of yourself. This is all I can say.

It is important not to be fearful that by giving up the idea of being in control of your life – which is just an idea – leads to something dangerous and dark. Fear itself is dangerous and dark; it makes the human being ill and the world an ugly place to be.

If you think that the spiritual is something like the psychical or emotional world, you have not experienced it yet, it is not an experience that seems to be happening to you, you are not a witness in the spiritual dimension, you are not an individual there. You are not a person there and you don’t have your eyes, ears, hands and feet to find your way through a dimension of experiences there in the spiritual. In the spiritual dimension you are one and you are unlimited and truly free, because you are nothing like what you are as a self, and yet still it is your life, your spirituality, your essence.

You can develop awareness of that oneness. Such awareness you develop with the help of a spiritual master. You may also have it by nature or you may stumble upon it or acquire it after a near fatal accident or a life transforming event. It is real and true, as true as your life and the physical world, emotional world and cognitive world are embedded within it. That makes it all-encompassing, not more important, but just important and so we may consider to evolve in the spiritual dimension of our being by searching out the presence of a spiritual master and absorb his gift and learn from his talent.