Building an ethos together

by drs R.E. Sergo

As we are becoming more scientific, which I understand to be the agreement upon universal regularities, laws that govern the cosmos, the particles, the mind, the body, eco-systems, society and perhaps metaphysics and ethics, we must deepen our visions and sharpen our logic to attain greater degrees of rationality and attain more profound insight into the heart of the matter which is being, be it astrophysical or metaphysical; technological or psychological, what is required of us as individuals to attain the most agreeable and balanced future for our children and ourselves. Because this is the mission of humans; to be themselves and live the lives they have. And in order to balance the equations and laws that nations, economies, politicians, bankers and lawyers require in order to achieve the valuable systems of institutionalised rules they are meant to create for the benefit of all; and when they are executing their functions along the rules set of proper democracy and free-market mechanism bound by sensible rules to protect civil rights, privacy and the commons, there is directly a grey zone of unpredictability, just like in existence and in the creation and collapse of the universe.

Haven’t we come to the understanding that in order to sustain our nature, which is to pro-create, to protect our loved ones our kind our neighbors, humanity; to evolve to understand that we are intended to excel beyond our ancestors in the art of understanding and enjoying living our life;  to increase prosperity and equality to the majority of mankind which requires that we sustain our natural environment and that we do not waste nor subject others to any kind of aggression or cruelty, in other words we are destined to stimulate our compassion and need to train on a daily basis our emotions of empathy and never cease to make an effort to be kindhearted.

Ethics thus is a part of daily life and its value extends to all dimensions of living it. In our minds we are weighing feelings, intentions drifting our thoughts to areas we find interest in new things as we learn and discover about all that exist in the reality that surrounds us. The diversity of Nature, the expanse of the Universe, the infinite creativity of fantasy and imagination, technological discoveries, increased knowledge of the basic molecular, atomic, subatomic and anti-matter foundation of everything around us. What is this endless inquisitiveness into the phenomenal world that we witness if not in order to liberate ourselves from ignorance and to free our subjective experiences of a fearful and mediocre disposition because we sometimes suffer pain and loss and desperation, and need to have a feeling of safety, home, comfort, warmth and love. We are thus indebted to eachtoher because we cannot give ourselves all we need to have this vital living conditions, that is the basis of society and thus society must be governed upon psychological principles that are by nature ethical. The societies underlying rules are grafted in a undefined mean between what is acceptable and unacceptable, what lies between good and bad; what exists and is sometimes unreasonable, unfair, unlawful and yet unavoidable. We need thus a realm that is undefined but that we can all find and learn the unspoken, unwritten rules of; this realm is called the Ethos.

Ethos is an appeal to our character, it doesn’t’ mean my or your character in this case the Ethos is the feeling of consensus between us all, that what makes our characters fit in and bound with one and other.

The glue of our social rules if you will, and so we arrive at the topic of this reasoning in favour of Transcendental Humanism as a set of rules to create a new Ethos. In effect it means providing the world population with a set of tools of character building. Tools that include patience, listening, non-aggression, non-discrimination, and service to all and everything. These tools have a high universal value in shaping the characters of ourselves and our children. They are non-religious but not against religion, they can even be experienced as religious, in the sense of re-connecting people with norms that create an ethos in which they feel warmth and trust not from some transcendental source but from each other, from humanity.

Thus in my eyes as i understand Transcendental Humanism, it is a ethical understanding based in our daily reality of accepting our human nature, our basic need to survive and to love and be loved, this as a basic right, a rule of fist, given by nature that we must respect. We cannot allow ourselves to be placed in a situation in which we have to accept anything less for humanity.

Foundation Phronimos supports, creates and stimulates all activities that stimulates the evolution of mankind into a being that is respectable to its own nature and the entire universe. A being that can be extremely effective in destruction but should always avoid that action that destroys in mind, in body or even in thought, because it leads to no good, obviously there is the question of self-defence, but do we really need self-defence, do we really need borders, do we really need armies?

So difficult it is to sustain a global society, so simple is it to shape a world, but it takes time, perseverance and courage plus very hard work, or maybe less work and more meditation.

Because it can only be done by you for you, nobody can teach you and nobody can force you. You can choose to be ignorant about levels of life, about death, about the unknown depths of your own mind. You can ignore to take your dreams serious, you can neglect your feelings, your intuitions, and some or many voices in your mind. You can choose to make everything in society more important than your own genuine undisturbed experience of living and enjoying good health, fresh air, the season, the elements, the stars, the eyes of your loved ones, and revel on the mystery of your heart beat; your life! Yes we have come so far with our endeavours into the nature of being, and we have filled the world with our great discoveries on the way to that ultimate wish to full fill our longing of understanding. But what can we truly understand: that there is no definitive truth, that there is no ultimate answer, that our ambitions are so insignificant in the face of the expanse of the cosmos. So our individual lives mean nothing at all and yet are the very pinnacle of us experiencing the greatness of life. Great philosophers and thinkers have given mankind the necessary insights to continue on their path through the heavens, we know now where we are in space; not by ourselves, many multiverses and dimensions crossing through each other and we are part of it. It is a beautiful unorchestrated chaos of the most wonderful sights and sounds with the most awful atrocities and pain we don’t want to account for yet which we cannot deny; we have to help each other and that is what we at Foundation Phronimos want to do; we want to help and celebrate, we want to enjoy and share joy, we want to provide spaces, and publications that make a difference. We want to assist and consult in education and healthcare, we want to be involved on a geo-political level, with the tools that transcendental humanism carries with its understanding; it is an applied science of the Ethos. And that means we can learn from each others character; and that is maybe the most beautiful thing on earth.


drs Emir Sergo studied Dynamics of Science and Applied Ethics, he has been a board member and advisor since 2003, He is also a creative artist and has his own production company in film and photography since 2005.