Drs. Frédéric Antonious has written a variety of books and a vast amount of papers on the scope of transcendental humanism, the spiritual life. His books have been published by the Shu’em Press, a small publishing house, which is part of the Phronimos Group.

The Phronimos Group keeps the full archives of all papers and manuscripts written by Frédéric Antonious. Below an online archive of a selection of his papers has been made publicly available. Some are written in English, others in Dutch.

Papers by Drs. Frédéric Antonious

Vertical Psychology


Wahdât-Al-Wujûd (EN)

Towards a New Spirituality

Naar een Nieuwe Spiritualiteit

The appeal of Transcendental Humanism

Books by Drs. Frédéric Antonious

Books in English
  • Ishmael
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    Written as a novel this book evokes a strong and often mysterious atmosphere of an other worldliness. It guides the reader through the principles of realised living. Ishmael, the protagonist, finds himself drawn into a town that seems to exist on the edge of everything he has ever known. Confronted by very unusual circumstances and characters, Ishmael gains a completely new perspective on life and on the world around him; it seems that he may have found exactly what he never knew he was looking for.
  • Art & Ethics
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    Written in a concise style the reader is invited to self-exploration in the deepest sense. Starting from the Oneness of Being he is led towards a self-awareness in which life becomes the mirror. When one is able to apply the gained insight to one’s daily life, it may engender increased peacefulness, tranquillity, trust and a Well-Being that is independent of actual circumstances.
  • The Three Songs
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    A contemporary mystical epos that tells the story of the human being facing the ultimate question: ‘Who and what am I’.
  • Abbah
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    In this book Frédéric Antonious suggests the ultimate as Abbah, a basic sound, an ultimate mantra, that is left undefined, which is neither a name nor a representation.
  • The Treatise
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    Written as an allegory in which a wise man known as Wu Tse Wei (an allusion to the question ‘Who is the way’) reveals seven treasures of realised living in an address to monks who are imprisoned in their ritualistic lifestyle. With sober pragmatism he advises an approach to life that is compassionate, refreshing and harmonising.
  • 101 Mystical Poems
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    This book contains a collection of poems that each from a different angle illustrate particular aspects of the way of unfolding realisation. More than anything else the poems of this collection are potent guiding tools for moments of reflection. When read contemplatively and in a state of openness, they can provide a profound inspiration and may serve as a support for the orientation towards realisation.
  • Fragments of Voice
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    The story of this book relates the discovery of an ancient manuscript, an evocative text of which the origin is unknown. It is a text about truth, love and the meaning of living that urges reflection. Its language echoes a distant past, its strong oriental atmosphere takes you to the very desert where the manuscript was found. Although ancient, its message is timeless, and directly addresses you in your modern context.
  • The Eye of Beauty
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    This book describes the transformation process of opening the Eye of Beauty. In this opening you may discover that life in all its variations, with its pleasant face and its terrible face, expresses oneness. Oneness cannot be experienced and yet all experience is nothing but oneness. This is not a philosophical truth or something to believe, it is something you can discover for yourself. When you are able to live your life according to its true nature, you will realise this natural state of happiness and contentment.
  • Oh Abbah - Songs for Lovers
    Oh Abbah is a deeply rich book of inspiration, which was written in a very specific state of mind. It has the ability to open you for levels of your mystical being that cannot be reached through ordinary effort. These levels can only be gradually opened by way of attuning. This book can be used as a book of recitation, supporting regular meditation, attunement, or prayer. One can open it at any page and use it as an oracle for answers or as a source of inspiration.
  • Spiritual Love
    Love is a goal and a way, it is a
    method and a fulfillment
    When Love shines everything else
    fades in its brilliance
    When Love is obscured it causes
    incessant longing
    When Love is realized it burns in
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The Phronimos Group includes a network of sociological, anthropological and philosophical researchers, who study and investigate the application of the work of Abbahjí in the broadest sense. Here a number of their papers are available for free download.

In case you are interested to gain further access to the archives, please contact the Phronimos Group

Papers by Other Authors

Some are written in English, others in Dutch.

An interview with drs. Frédéric Antonious
By Joe Wegescanyi & Yuri Cartland

Building an ethos together’
By drs. Emir Sergo